In The Name Of God
Making a developed country needs an appropriate structure in order to use the raw materials and natural resources in that country with its best and optimum way plus making an organized connection between the raw materials ,producing factories ,industrial factories and consumers of the materials.
The most important and main point in producing different products, are the raw materials.
Considering the natural richness of raw materials in our country and rganizing the best way of extraction has a very high importance for us.
Providing raw materials needed with the highest quality and at the least time possible for the costumer causes increase in production, increases efficiency and quality of the produced productions.
Cheshmeh Sang Zanjan CO. leading to the purpose of providing the mineral and raw materials at least time possible with a very high rate of quality for the dear producers was established in 1987.
This company on the first step proceeded a mineral area located 80 kilometers from Zanjan province in Mahneshan area with approximately 6 square kilometers which contains mineral substances such as quarts, and feldspar (sodic) Some of these mines in this area are under discovery and some are being extracted the needed materials.
From above said mine is being extracted 20000 to 50000 tons of feldspar which some of its customers and consumers mainly are the glassmaking factories ,ceramic factories , cement and crystal making factories ,smithies and others.
This mine has some advantages such as a very high deposit about 4million tones of mineral, having low (FE2o3 and TIO2) which has caused a very white color to the material and no waste of mineral and change in material and 90% of the mineral stones are in very small size
(1 to 3 millimeters) and other advantages.

This company according to the needs of the market and the aim of exporting the raw
materials has used experienced experts and specialist with mechanized accessories and
machines following the international standards to decrease the least wastage in materials
and highest quality products being offered to the dear customers.
The action of developing the other industries using the materials to increase the value of raw
materials is a proud for our company which has been able to create a very small role in
creating jobs and income for the country.
Obtaining satisfaction preservation of natural recourses gifted from god and increasing to
make the best out of work is the main purpose of all managers of this company and hope to
have a great positive answer and result with help of our specialists for a better conclusion
both for our country income and satisfaction for customers.
Executive chairman
Ali Heidary